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Freehand Quilting Frolic – Session 1

So many quilting designs! How do you choose?

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Quilted texture on the Hoffman Fox Panel

Quilts that Appeal to Men

Create texture with different quilting patterns on this Foxy Hoffman Panel

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splicing batting using the wavey method

Efficiently Splice Batting: Needle and Thread vs. Wave Technique – Watch the Video

This is a fast and easy way to splice your batting when you have come up short.

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cleaning sewing machine

Give Your Sewing Machine a Spa Day for Optimal Performance

spa day … aka regular maintenance for your sewing machine tlc for your sewing machine It’s spa day in the studio! Every machine needs a little TLC now and then. The good news is: it’s easy. The great news is: that little bit of TLC will go a long way toward saving you costly servicing ...

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DIY Fabric Starch

DIY Chemical-Free Fabric Starch

never buy spray starch again! It seems too good to be true, I know! But it is, in fact, super simple, and also free of pesky chemicals, so even those who are sensitive are likely to find this a great hack. It is residue free, unlike laundry-type starches, so it’s ideal for quilting. things you’ll ...

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Final quilt top with folds quilted

Freehand Quilting for the Win as we bring in a New Year!

Can freehand quilting IMPROVE a quilt? Absolutely, yes! Of course, you know my answer, HECK YEAH! But just in case you don’t believe me, I’ve got a great example for you. I get to provide quilting services for clients of all skill levels, from beginner to ace. The most rewarding comment I ever receive is, “You ...

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